Weight Distribution Kits


Save installation time with ready to tow weight distribution kits.

Round bar WDH with shank, plus sway control, plus hitch ball equals quicker setup.

Hitch ball 2-5/16" and sway control ball pre-installed and torqued to specifications on hitch head.

U-bolts and chain package pre-installed on spring bars, includes sway control and mounting hardware.

  Name SKU Display # Description Advanced RV #
Ready To Go Tow Hitch Kits 14-0498
600 lbs. kit
hitch kit 800lbs
Ready To Go Tow Hitch Kit 14-0299
800 lbs. kit
hitch kit 1,000 lbs
Ready To Go Tow Hitch Kit 14-0133
1,000 lbs. kit
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