120W Portable Solar Kit

Category: Solar
Manufacturer: Zamp
SKU: 19-2861
Our 120 Watts Portable Solar Charging System is our most popular portable. 120 Watts works well for a wide variety of campers in many locations. In bright sunny locations 120 Watts can be enough to put back BIG POWER into the battery. For light to medium energy users 120 Watts can deliver the power needed for low light, cloudy situations or when days are short. This 120 Watts Portable Solar Charging kit provides 6.84 amps of charging power per hour under optimal sun conditions. Depending on where you live and what time of year will depend on how many hours of optimal sunlight you can expect to receive.
Type: Portable Solar Kit
Power Rating: 120 Watts/ 6.84 Amps
Panel Type: Class A Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Length (IN): 35 Inch
Width (IN): 41 Inch Open/ 21 Inch Close
Thickness (IN): 1-1/2 Inch
Panel Mount Type: Bracket Mount
Controller Type: 10 Amps PWM Weatherproof Solar Charge Controller
Inverter Type: No Inverter
With Solar Panel: Yes
With Cables: Yes
With Remote Control: No
With Cable Connectors: No
With Mounting Hardware: Yes
With Carry Case: Yes


  • Portable Charging System Features Our Solar Charge Controller Mounted On Our EZ-View Swinging Bracket
  • The EZ-View Bracket Allows The User To Stand While Viewing The Digital Deluxe Solar Charge Controller
  • 5 Stage, Weatherproof, PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • A Large Digital Display Shows The User Battery Voltage, An Instant View Of Ampere From The Solar Panel
  • 3 Indicator Lights Show: Faults (Any Errors), Charging (Solar Is Charging The Battery), Full (Battery Is Full And Solar Is Maintaining)
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty
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