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New Roofing System

PVC Roofs have been used for generations on commercial buildings and have done exceptionally well. XTRM PVC vinyl roof material is ideal for RVers because it doesn't require any maintenance. Chemical cleaning, and UV treating your roof will be a thing of the past. This highly reflective material doesn't fade, dry out, oxidize, crack, or shrink in harsh conditions. Also, cleaning your PVC roof is easy with soap and water, no costly chemical agents to purchase.  While installation time remain...
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Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: Protecting your Rubber Roof

Protecting your rubber roof is one of the most coast efficient ways an RV owner can save their pocketbook. Simply cleaning and treating your roof yearly keeps the roof material pliable, reduces chalking (streaking cause by the breaking down of roof material), mold & mildew, damaged caused by the sun, as well as expands the life expectancy of your roof. Anyone who has replaced a roof knows how expensive that can get. Laid out below is step-by-step process to complete a roof clean and conditio...
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