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Dual Contact LED Replacement Bulb - 2pk

Category: LED
SKU: 18-0051

Automotive LED taillight replacement bulbs. Last 100 times longer than the bulb they replace (60,000 hour life expectancy).

Not for interior lighting use. Dual contact bayonet. NOTE: In some cases, this light is not for use as a blinker/indicator light, unless a load resistor is added for its functionality.

Uses 1/11th the power as the incandescent (draws 216 MA). Produces very little heat- won´t melt lenses or fixtures. May be used for brake, backup, taillights, side marker, parking lights, and more.

Replaces: 1016, 1034, 1130, 1142, 1154, 1157, 1493, 2057. 2357, 2397. 3496, 7528 and 7225.

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