High Capacity Absorber 4 lbs

Category: Dehumidifiers
Manufacturer: DampRid
SKU: 13-0474
Dehumidifier; Damprid; Granules In Bucket; 4 Pound; Not Refillable

The DampRid(R) Hi-Capacity Moisture Absorber is the fast, easy and effective way to control moisture in large spaces over extended periods of time. DampRid(R)'s natural crystals effectively control musty odors caused by excess moisture for up to 60 days in areas up to 1000 Square Foot and up to 6 months in a 250 Square Foot area, depending on temperature and conditions. It's incredibly easy to use - just remove the lid to activate the crystals, and place it on a flat surface. The Moisture-Lock™ technology and sealed safety cover prevent spills and keep children and pets out. And when the crystals have completely dissolved - you can just toss it in the trash. The long-life of the DampRid(R) Hi-Capacity Moisture Absorber makes it ideal for water damage restoration, seasonal use and storage of cabins, boats, RV's and campers.
Type: Granules In Bucket
Size: 4 Pounds
Refillable: No



  • Fast, Easy And Effective Way To Control Moisture In Large Spaces Over Extended Periods Of Time
  • DampRid®'s Natural Crystals Effectively Control Musty Odors Caused By Excess Moisture For Up To 60 Days In Areas Up To 1000 Square Foot And Up To 6 Months In A 250 Square Foot Area
  • Incredibly Easy To Use - Just Remove The Lid To Activate The Crystals, And Place It On A Flat Surface
  • Moisture-Lock™ Technology And Sealed Safety Cover Prevent Spills And Keep Children And Pets Out
  • When The Crystals Have Completely Dissolved - You Can Just Toss It In The Trash
  • Ideal For Water Damage Restoration, Seasonal Use And Storage Of Cabins, Boats, RV's And Campers
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