Renew Metal Polish

Manufacturer: Bio-Kleen
SKU: 69-0534
Metal Polish; Renew; For Polishing Metals/ Restore Headlights; 4 Ounce Bottle

Bio-Kleen Renew is specially designed to work universally on all types of metals and the various grades of aluminum. Most aluminum polishes will polish the aluminum and leave a decent shine, but in a week the aluminum looks dull again. This is caused from oxidation, Renew Metal Polish contains a corrosion inhibitor to keep oxidation and corrosion from returning. This metal polish not only cleans and shines aluminum, but it also seals the surface - all in one application - all in this one bottle.
Use: Polishing Metals/ Restore Headlights
Unit Size: 4 Ounce
Unit Type: Bottle



  • A Concentrated, Fast Drying Metal Polish
  • Small Amount Of Polish Goes A Very Long Way When Polishing Metals
  • Seals As It Polishes Metals For Lasting Protection
  • Corrosion Inhibitors Are Included With This Formulation To Help Keep Corrosion And Rust Away
  • Heat Resistant On Metals Up To 1350 Degree Fahrenheit
  • For Best Results Apply And Polish With A Polish Ball
  • May Also Be Applied And Polished By Hand With Cotton Terry Towels
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