New Roofing System

PVC Roofs have been used for generations on commercial buildings and have done exceptionally well. XTRM PVC vinyl roof material is ideal for RVers because it doesn't require any maintenance. Chemical cleaning, and UV treating your roof will be a thing of the past. This highly reflective material doesn't fade, dry out, oxidize, crack, or shrink in harsh conditions. Also, cleaning your PVC roof is easy with soap and water, no costly chemical agents to purchase. 

While installation time remains the same as rubber roofs, the dent in your wallet will remain substantially smaller due to the low cost of parts. While a 9'6" by 40' roll of rubber roof runs over a thousand dollars, XTRM PVC roof only cost close to half. As far as sealing the PVC, XTRM makes their own sealant designed without any solvents so it doesn't shrink over time like other sealing products. All XTRM PVC roofs come with a 12 year warranty. 

Overall, XTRM PVC roofing seems to be an excellent choice for the customer. Low cost, literally no maintenance needed to perform its job and on top of that XTRM provides a 12 year warranty on the roof itself. Keep in mind this is a new product for RV's. Over time the true quality and functionality of XTRM PVC roofing.

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